Protocol Z

A live interactive audience-participatory performance

Twelve actors will perform three, 40-minute shows each night. While only two audience members can participate in each performance,up to 72 people can view a production each night. Each of the 12 storylines are different, but all have an overall theme of the popular, cult-classic zombies. The show is recommended for those with an interest in zombies, apocalyptic science fiction scenarios, improvisation, politics or ethics, popular culture and interactive immersive theatre.

This style of theatre seen nowhere else in the world was created by Taurie Kinoshita.

I wanted to do something topical, but not too hard-on-the-nose, and zombies are great fun.

Taurie Kinoshita

October 16 and 23, October 17 and 24, October 18 and 25, October 21 and 22

The cast features Dylan LemingNoah Schuetz, and Po‘okela honorees Marilynn Bellinger and Brandon Hagio.